On continuing an examination of identity “Greek Grandparents" was produced in 2005. The series has become a historical record in itself, a mini archive, exploring the conjecture of social identity and the cameras role through utilising family portraiture
as well as family history.

This body of work is comprised of 50 family
portraits. Each family portrait was taken outside
of the family’s home and was paired with an original image sourced from the family album, of the subject
as parent alongside one (or more) of their children.
The ‘new image’ shows the same subject as a Grandparent, the grandchild (or children) featured
were of the same gender and age as their parent
in the original sourced photograph.

Themes became apparent such as the re-appearance
of the original family home, altered in many cases
by little more than a coat of paint. Christian names given to the grandchildren also re-appeared as they were often named after their Grandparents, re-enforcing family ties which sometimes spanned
up to four generations.

These pairs were displayed with transcripts of oral histories, compiled by AGWS project worker
Thalia Ioannidou.

This series was commissioned by the Australian Greek Welfare Society (AGWS) for Greek Grandparents Week, 2005.

Installation photographs, Federation Square Atrium Melbourne, June 2005.