No Limits is a collection of seven life size photographs of Helen Sullivan, a participant in workshops at St. Mary’s House of Welcome who I photographed in late 2005.

Helen is a writer who experiences mental health issues on a day to day basis. I felt that the habitual nature of this condition was an interesting extension for my work exploring notions of identity through the examination of ritual.

Helen asked to be photographed each day at 9.30am in her sprawling Collingwood garden. The series began on a Monday, that being the day of Helen’s writing group some of her words have taken her place, and continued at the same time, every day for a week.

Central to this series was it’s collaborative approach, the collaboration becoming a ritual in itself. Each day Helen prepared short statements on our sessions.

At first glance the images appear similar to each other. However on closer inspection the complexity of Helen’s nature and the poignancy of the series becomes apparent.

This series was exhibited at red gallery, Feb 7 – 25, 2006.

Installation photographs, Red Gallery Melbourne, February 2006